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Founder Allison Samuels currently works out of her studio in East Williamsburg, NY. Two Tree Studios aims to create products that help clients connect with and find more meaning in their homes. Every piece is hand carved, sanded and finished with a lifetime of good use in mind. Working with the most earth-friendly materials possible, from their wood sourcing to all natural finishes, they aim to keep their footprint small, bringing sawdust to local gardens for composting to working with entirely reclaimed and scrap wood for utensils and vases.

During the summer of 2020, Allison launched The Level Up Project, an initiative designed to be a community resource for those aiming to develop acute skills and professional networks within physical-skill-based industries, and for individuals at any stage of their career who are interested in relationship-building and creating pathways to learn with others. The Level Up Project is committed to removing systemic barriers to, and shifting power dynamics within, our fields of craft and design. 

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